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Aashna is loquaciious and high-spirited, and still, she believes that the classics deserve a return for the better. As Gabriel Garcia Marquez would say, "She was lost in her longing to understand."


10 Cool Things You Must Do at Pet Fed This Year!

Now that you've made your mind to come to Pet Fed, make sure you get your money's worth & attend these at Pet Fed this year!   Put your dog's name down in history and be a part of our World Record Attempt for the Biggest Dog Gathering! Take your doggo to the Have-A

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How to Have a Pet Safe Diwali

As we welcome Delhi’s Cracker ban, our heart still goes out to the pets in other parts of the country who will have to face the loud crackers.

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Pet Fed Recommends: Home-cooked Dog Food in Delhi & Mumbai

We want the best for our furry babies but due to the lack of time in our modern lifestyle, sometimes, we make a compromise. No more! Get a healthy home-cooked meal for your pet from these experts and leave all the worrying to them.

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Pet Fed Recommends: Register your pet!

Did you know that registering your dog with the municipal authority is a ‘must’ in Delhi? Section 399 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act 1957 clearly says registration is a must for all domesticated dogs and it must be renewed every year.

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Pet Fed Discovers: Adoption of a Paralysed Cat

This story is about a cat named Salem who suffered from encephalitis because of which he was completely paralyzed. This was not an ordinary case as a paralyzed cat depends on you for everything from a clean diaper, food, water in close proximity and someone to play with him whenever he needs it.

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Pet Fed Recommends: Pet Friendly Cafes in Mumbai

Want to go out but don’t want to leave your pet behind? Well, Mubaikars, we have the perfect list of restaurants where you can take your pet for a date! Harley's Corner This was started by a couple who prepare and serve gourmet nutritious meals for dogs and cats.

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Four Best Treats for Your Dog!

What's making these super dogs drool?   Chew sticks, chicken or beef jerky, exotic flavours of cookies or something else? Well, we got four super dogs to choose their favourite treats and looks like they’ve got it spot on.

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