Swipe Right for Woofs

Once there was a dog translator, fairly recent, 2016 woman named Ananya Bhatia, who breathed words into woofs. She came across two dogs barking and found the conversation so helpful for the mankind that she decided to share the conversation here, for one and all. Continue reading

Bonding Your Child and Pet

What happens to the elder sibling when a younger sibling comes along? What happens when the elder sibling is of a different species altogether? You may have realized that both dog and a new baby may face insecurities when the attention of the parent, a.k.a. you, shifts to another. Continue reading

They Deserve a Happy Diwali Too

Bud, a stray dog was found in a shocking and sad state, with a fate no one deserves. Bud  was injured severely when a group of students  placed fireworks in the dog’s mouth and lit them up near the campus university in the municipality of Cascavel, in the state of Parana, Brazil. Continue reading