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7 Surprising Superfoods You Can Share with Your Pet

What makes a “super” food? Edibles that deliver the maximum amount of nutrients with minimum calories. Humans and dogs can share several common foods that are nutritionally dense, and pack a lot of healthful benefits into a serving. These super foods help people and their pets fight disease, boost energy and maintain good health in general.

#1 – Apples (without the seeds)

This full-of-fiber food helps to clean your dog’s teeth while he chomps and can even freshen their breath.

#2 – Bananas

Bananas are great for active, athletic dogs. The natural sugars metabolize quickly and provide an instant boost of energy - they’re also full of amino acids, electrolytes, vitamin C and potassium.

#3 – Carrots

This low calorie snack is high in beta-carotene which boosts night vision and helps protect eyes against cataracts. Tip – offer baby carrots to avoid a choking hazard, especially for small dogs.

#4 – Raw Local Honey

When dogs eat raw, local honey, they ingest minute amounts of local pollen, which helps increase the body’s tolerance of it when exposed to larger amounts, like during allergy season.

#5- Broccoli

Broccoli boasts cancer-fighting powers, is rich in eye-protecting lutein and is an excellent source of potassium, fiber and calcium. It’s also a great treat for training!

#6 -  Blueberries


Blueberries aren’t just meant for humans, they are also ideal for pets. They are low in calories and rich in antioxidants, which promote cell growth in both humans and dogs.

#7 - Watermelon

Watermelon is another fruit that is ideal for dogs to eat. Like apple, make sure that you remove the seeds and rind first before you give them to your dog. It contains vitamin A, B-6, and C, and is also rich in potassium. Because watermelon contains more water, it’s a perfect treat for your dog during summer days.

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