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A Letter To My Hooman This Diwali

It’s Diwali today,

A day of lights, sweets and happiness,

A day when everyone returns to their homes to relish delicacies, meet loved ones and giggle around.

But for me, it’s been a week of torture. I have been so scared throughout.

I am scared to step out of my sister's room, even to go to pee outside,

I’m sorry mommy that I peed in the room last night.

Food is something I love the most but I’m too scared to even enjoy that!

My brother came home yesterday after 3 long months but I couldn't meet him with my full heart because I was busy finding a place to escape this world.

I am sorry for the times when I hump you and be notorious. Those are just my pawsome ways to keep you on your toes and love me even more. But don't punish me like this please.

A humble request; I too want to celebrate this festival of lights and jump around in joy seeing my family all huddled up together,

But the noise and pollution don't allow me to.

Please don't make this a nightmare for me and have a cracker free Diwali,

I promise to give you tons of extra love and slurpy kisses for this little gesture!

Let’s make it, Mere tumhare sabke liye Happy Diwali



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