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Bonding Your Child and Pet

What happens to the elder sibling when a younger sibling comes along? What happens when the elder sibling is of a different species altogether? You may have realized that both dog and a new baby may face insecurities when the attention of the parent, a.k.a. you, shifts to another. While this may be a wonderful opportunity to inculcate empathy from a young age in a human child, it can also serve the purpose of instilling tolerance in your pet. Here’s how you can achieve the balance of loving both your kids, just the right way.

  1. Make hay while the son sleeps

While this may be a hectic tactic (welcome to parenthood!), indulging the pet to pats and massages when the child sleeps, not only gives you some  ‘me-time’ with your pet, but also relaxes you and release your happy hormones!

  1. Tap that trust

Don’t rush off to protect either of your babies when they are in close vicinity. Trust your skills, you have raised your elder child well. Let them explore each other’s differences and accept them on their own. In all probability, they won’t need your help in a few years anyway!


Child And Pet

  1. Be like Sia. Love cheap thrills.

You have fresh, homemade entertainment right in your house! Play fetch and mix things up. Let one kid see you playing and involve your partner and other kid in the fun too. Also, free babysitting!

  1. Give ‘em a common nickname

What’s in a nickname, you ask Shakespeare? Everything! Endearments are the simplest way of bonding. Give ‘ye kids a common nickname like ‘Baby’, ‘Honey’, ‘Love’ when you say sweet nothings to them. This way, both of them would be active and involved, and those simpletons would never know whom the clever momma is addressing!


Child & Pet

  1. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Remember your childhood and think of all those days when you wished for a pet and never got one because “You were enough of an animal yourself!” Revel in the fact that you are creating a ‘human’, not those intolerant monstrosities who set dogs on fire for pleasure. Contributing to humanity is worth the effort!


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