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Dog N Joy, the Budget Food That Every Household Can Afford!

Dog N Joy believes in the principle that dogs are a part of our family. “Happy Moment with Our Beloved Dog”, their tagline, stands true to their manufacturing, innovation and quality standards. Their products range from dry food and wet food to different variety of snacks. These products include MOS, a unique and healthy ingredient which is not even present in some of the extremely overpriced dog food or a lot of other brands.

M.O.S. or Mannanoligosaccharide is a natural prebiotic which creates a healthy balance in the gastrointestinal tract, builds a stronger immune system and reduce susceptibility to diseases in all ages for dogs. These products are produced with hygienic, high quality and innovative food processing, all of the same high standard used for human consumption.

Sai International, being the first exclusive importer of Dog N Joy’s food & snacks in India, they have changed the view of budget food from a customer’s point of view, who would not be able to afford the really expensive food bags but would love to make sure that their dogs get the proper amount of nutrition, Dog N Joy is the best bet for their pet’s food and nutrition!  

Know more about their wide range of products here: http://www.dognjoy.com/en/

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