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Pet Fed Recommends: Register your pet!

Did you know that registering your dog with the municipal authority is a ‘must’ in Delhi?

Section 399 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act 1957 clearly says registration is a must for all domesticated dogs and it must be renewed every year. All you need is to visit your zone’s MCD office with an up-to-date vaccination card of the dog, a picture of your dog with the owner, proof of residence, pay up Rs. 50 as fee and you’ll get a metal token with a brass collar. South Delhi residents need to pay up more, i.e, Rs 500 but they can apply online and won’t need to visit the zonal office!

Benefits of registering:
1. In case of dog bite, owner can avoid punishment by showing certificate. If dog is vaccinated, victim need not get anti rabies injection.

2. If dog is lost, it can be traced with help of pet’s photo and ‘dog collar’.

3. Ownership can be proved with registration certificate.


If you don’t register, the section gives power to the MCD to “detain a dog found in a public place and not been registered or which is not wearing token issued by authority after registration”. The non-compliance of the Act may invite punitive action, including challan and prosecution of the owner.


Clear your schedule and get this done soon!


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