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Things Non-Pet Parents Say to Pet Parents

Let’s face it, all of us pet parents have been subjected to amusement, scorn, awe as well as some disgust by those mortals who don’t share the same sentiment of love for our pooches. These non-pet enthusiasts not only have some hilarious questions, but also appear nonplussed on our daily routine changed by the presence of a four-legged awesomeness in our lives. We present to you, a melange of all the strange things we have been asked all day, every day, just on account of being a pet parent:

  1. The Zoology Talks
    “Oh no, NO! We can’t keep a pet. What, with already 3 monkeys that I gave birth to and this elephant that I am married to, my home isn’t zoo enough for you?!”


  2. Duty Calls

Greetings start with, “How do you do? Does he do it like you do? Seriously though, how do you take care of those peepee needs? Hats off to you!”



  1. Food for thought

“Have you ever tasted pedigree? Did you like the taste? Too expensive to buy for ‘it’ every month, bud!”

  1. The ‘rishtey’daari

“ Do you talk to other pet owners to let your dog hump your bitch? Do they have their own matrimonial sites? You must want grand-dogs too, no? ”



  1. The dare-devils

“I bet you 500 bucks you can’t eat a grain of pedigree. Can you drink from the same bowl, though? What about sharing a bed, with its hair on your face?”

Same bed?


  1. The Bitch-gossip

“Do they have their ‘that time of the month?’ Do you get diapers or what? Have you ever thought about your bitch when it gets knocked up? Who will take care of the puppies?”


Spare us the gossip and stop saying ‘it’. He/she is a living being, like you and I. Curiosity kills the cat but Pet Fed brings it back!


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