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Temptation Alley

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  • Participation Fee: INR 199

Activity Details

Your dog will be tempted by treats, toys and food while you call him back to you! The aim is for your dog to avoid temptation and come to you without picking up or eating anything en route faster than the rest. If they do, your pupper stands a chance to win the title Temptation Alley and a surprise hamper! 


Performance Timing 

28th December: 4:00 PM
29th December: 4:10 PM

While making the booking, please book for the date on which you’ll be attending the event.
The Participants are requested to report to the backstage of venue an hour before the activity time to ensure smooth functioning.


Rules & Regulations 


1. Judgement Criteria: The fastest dog, on the basis of time taken from the start to end line, wins. If a dog takes more than 45 seconds to complete the alley, they will automatically be disqualified. Judge's discretion is final and binding by all participants. 

2. The alley is a 30 ft. long, 3 ft. wide stretch with temptations like treats and toys on both sides which the dog has to avoid. One human (friend/ family of participant/ volunteer) will be holding the dog at the start line while the parent will be at the end line waiting to call the dog. On the sound of a whistle/ buzzer the friend needs to leave the dog who has to go running to the parent (with or without leash but without any assistance, i.e, the dog runs solo without human by their side). And thus the timing will be registered from the start to the end of the activity. Please note: Temptation Alley treats are provided by the organizers, so this activity may not be suitable for dogs with certain food allergies.

3. Each pet gets to participate individually, with their parent on the stage. If the parent has registered for 2 dogs, they will need to perform one at a time and not together. 

4. Temptation Alley is open to all dog breeds of all ages. The winners will be separate for small & big breed. Decision of the management with regards to category of the dog as small or big breed is final & binding. 

5. Participation Fee is INR. 199 per pet. You need to show the ticket / booking confirmation at the backstage to receive your credentials for entry to the stage.

6. This registration alone does not grant access to the event. Registration Fee is only for taking part in the activity. Entry to the event is granted via a One Day Pass which needs to be purchased separately. There is no entry ticket for pet to the event and is free of charge.