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How to Have a Pet Safe Diwali

As we welcome Delhi’s Cracker ban, our heart still goes out to the pets in other parts of the country who will have to face the loud crackers. And as we know, crackers aren’t the only problem, there are loud music parties and the fear of your pet's tail coming in middle of a burning diya. Here is a small list of precautions to help you have, not only a pet safe Diwali, but also a Diwali spend with your entire family, pets included.




  1. Keep your pets indoors and in a familiar space, a place in the house that they like most and which has no or the least number of windows.

  2. Take them for a walk during the daytime before the celebrations begin to avoid any mishap on the streets. Also indulge them with active exercise an hour before the fireworks start.

  3. Keep them well fed and make sure someone is there with them to comfort them with a bundle of cuddles! A tired and well fed dog will be far less anxious during the night.

  4. Keep the Diyas out of reach of your dog’s wagging tail by keeping them at height. There are beautiful stands available in the market to help you with this. You could also try avoiding the use of diyas and replace them with lights that are not only environment-friendly but also light up the house beautifully.

  5. Another precaution from fire can be trimming the thick coat of fur.

  6. On the night of Diwali (or any such time with loud music nearby), play some soft music or turn up the volume of the television to mellow down the noise outside. This will help distract your canine.

  7. If you’ve seen your pet get anxious in such situations previously, it could help if they started taking some calming agent a couple of days before Diwali to ease their trouble. Please consult your vet for the specifics and don’t buy anything off the shelf; that might do more harm than good.



  8. If your dog runs for its bed, a cupboard or under the bed, leave them there and allow them to follow their natural instinct which is to hide in a den or cave. Do not soothe and comfort a scared dog, it will only increase the problem. Instead, be cheerful and in control.

  9. Do not try to make your dog used to the noise by insisting it faces the noise, they might get worse and aggressive.

  10. In case you live in an open area, make sure your dog is well identified, in case of escape, with a collar and tag (with your contact details).

  11. Keep all emergency contacts ready and stay calm if a situation arises where you need to use them. Your contact details along with the vets are necessary in case you are going out and leaving the dog with the house help.

  12. Spread the Diwali cheer and make some space for your neighbourhood strays, in your staircase or anywhere possible where they can feel safe.

  13. As all strays might not find a safe haven in time, they might hide under a car to protect themselves. Please make sure to check under your vehicle before driving.

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