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10 Funniest Entries in This Year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards was started with increasing awareness of “Wildlife Conversation” at its heart, but with a light-hearted fun take on it. The finalists for 2020 have been finalized and there are about 44 of them shortlisted.

Here are 10 of the funniest entries we could find & our take on it:

1. The smile you give when it turned out to be how you predicted:

2. Negotiating with a client be like:

3. Thinking about your crush:

4. When someone doesn’t follow the social distancing rules:

5. The face you make when the owner of the random bike you were sitting one comes back:

6. What 2020 has made us all feel like:

7. Photo-bombing your BFF’s selfie:

8. When you’re stuck somewhere but kinda sorta okay with it:

9. Thinking about a comeback you should have said in an argument that happened 3 years ago:

10. Had too much to drink last night:

To check out more entries, you can log on to

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