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10 Ways Your Dog Seeks Attention

Dogs can be very demanding when they want to be. Sometimes, they do things just to seek your attention and wouldn’t even be one bit guilty about it.

Here are 5 attention seeking habits your dog may show:

1. Whining or unnecessary barking:

2. Pawing or Nosing:

3. Bringing their favourite toy & keeping in front of you:

4. Rolling over to get belly rubs:

5. Jumping on you:

6. Sitting on your feet or placing their head on your lap:

7. Barking at blank space:

8. Chasing their own shadows:

9. Doing something they’re not allowed to do like chewing furniture or taking socks:

10. Licking themselves loudly:

You can choose to give into this behaviour letting them know that they can have their way, or you may choose to ignore it.

However, always ignoring it will make them dull too. Make sure you play with them enough and give them as many belly rubs as possible, on your own time!

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