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11 Most Suitable Apartment Dogs for Smaller Homes

Apartment dogs is a term widely used to denote the comparatively smaller sized dog breeds as they would require less space for occupancy. Also, breeds that require a lot of activity and running around instinctively – do not usually qualify for apartment living. These would also include breeds that may not be so small but are not so active dogs and would be happy to laze and snooze around.

Here are a few dog breeds that are the most suitable if you live in a small apartment or house with space restrictions:

1. Yorkshire Terrier:

Yorkies are super small in size, affectionate & can easily be exercised at home. They don’t even require walking outdoors much as just roaming around the apartment bores well for them. You can easily pick them up and take them to your friend’s place for a change of scene for them.

2. Indie:

We all know how adaptable Indies are to any kind of environment they’re put in. They don’t usually grow huge, are lean and slim and love being around their human companion as much – since they really know the value of a loving home.

3. Dachshund:

They’re the smallest of the hound dogs with tiny legs. They can easily be exercised indoors if needed and can be great watch dogs for your cute home. 

4. Pomeranian:

These are one of the most popular apartment breeds in India already, with their quality to fit in any size house and be happy with it. They’re happy to play with you anytime inside the house and are content with their one round of walking.

5. Indian Spitz:

Often confused with Pomeranians, although a different breed, they’re usually great in adjusting in smaller living spaces & are quite low maintenance. The best example of an Indian Spitz to give you a fair idea is the dog “Tuffy” from the movie “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun”!

6. Beagle:

It is a known fact that Beagles are super energetic, however they’re equally excited to be busy indoors. They are brilliant with kids and can keep your kids occupied all day long.

7. Pug:

They’re small, cute and mischievous! They can settle in a cute little apartment & before you even know it they will follow you around everywhere.

8. Maltese:

They’re small, cute and they don’t shed at all! It’s a dream to live in close quarters with them as they are affectionate and love to spend time indoors.

9. Bulldog:

They’re known to be one of the laziest dogs in the world. They can make for perfect apartment pets since all they need is a brisk stroll in the form of exercise and lots of afternoon naps!

10. Shih Tzu:

They were originally bred to live in Chinese houses, so they can easily fit into your humble abode instantly. They don’t need much exercise and are brilliant with kids and other dogs.

11. Chihuahua:

It is a miniature breed which requires really small space. In fact you can keep them in a small purse – that’s how small they are. They need minimal exercise & love staying in an enclosed space with their human.

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