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5 Reasons Why a Neem-based Floor Cleaner Is Better for Your Pet and Child at Home!


Our pets are the only members of our family that love to lie down and sleep on the floor and there’s nothing we can really do about it! In fact, more often than not our parents would be extremely happy about it. However, since they can't make the grocery decisions or tell us what to buy, we have to be extra careful about their needs and safety inside our home.

Did you know that floor cleaners, especially chemical formula-based ones, can be extremely harmful for you pets? Here are 5 reasons why your pet and even you may not be safe from the usage of your regular floor cleaners:

Skin inflammation, rashes & redness on your pet’s skin:

The repeated use of regular chemical-based floor cleaners can be dangerous for your pet’s skin. They lie down or sleep on the floor often and their skin, especially the underbelly, comes in contact with the floor, which has been disinfected with chemicals & other alcoholic compounds that can be harmful to your pets. Hence, it is recommended to use 100% natural cleaners that are safe around pets or is pet friendly.

Artificial fragrance can cause headaches, irritation & nausea in both humans and pets:

Chemical-based cleaners can cause irritation in eyes & nose, apart from just irritation in the skin due to the artificial and pungent fragrance added to the floor cleaners. Sometimes, they even cause recurrent headaches and nausea, especially in our pets. To combat this, one can switch to floor cleaners made out of natural substances like Neem, which has a subtle aroma yet keeps the home environment safe & fresh.

Unsafe tendency of your pet’s licking the floor or licking their paws:

Often, our pets have a habit of licking treats, food or anything random off the floor. They even lick their paws a lot, the body part that is in constant contact with the floor. The toxicity level of the cleaners we use is generally quite high as it may contain elements like chlorine, ammonia, isopropyl alcohol, formaldehyde, and phenols taht are hazardous if ingested by animals and can lead to serious digestion problems.

Fumes from chloride or ammonium-based floor cleaners may cause respiratory issues in pets:

Most of such chemical-based cleaners can be toxic to our pet’s respiratory system. An animal’s respiratory system is faster than a human’s and suffers more toxic exposure from disinfectants than humans. One should definitely take care of this while buying floor cleaners and even air fresheners for home. They should be safe, natural, herbal and pet friendly. 

Poor air quality can cause permanent lung damage in your pets:

According to America Lungs Association, chlorine-based floor cleaners can cause a permanent decrease in lung functionality. Indoor pollution, much of which is caused by household cleaners, can put pets at risk for liver and kidney damage, anaemia and sometimes even cancer. Hence, it is extremely important for us to be responsible pet parents and even responsible earthizens by switching to 100% natural, organic & pet friendly floor cleaners.

Pet Fed recommends one such floor cleaner – Nimyle, a Neem based floor cleaner which comprises of other natural ingredients like vegetable oil, camphor etc. Its anti-bacterial properties are ideal to keep homes clean and hygienic. And if that’s not enough, it is powered by neem extracts to ensure germ-free floors & is also scientifically proven to be effective against Covid 19 type coronavirus. It has a naturally induced fragrance to keep our homes fresh and safe for our children & pets!

Visit Nimyle’s page on Instagram - @nimyleofficial & check out their latest pet's related information.

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