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7 Cute Pictures Showing Pets Are Hoomans Best Co-workers in This Lockdown


Stuck at home because of the Coronavirus Lockdown? But the work load is still the same? Take a break and have a look at some of the cutest pet pictures surfacing on the internet right now. Our pets have proved they are not only humans’ best friend but also their best co-workers. The last one will surely make you smile.

1. Hey you coming or not? The meeting is about to begin!


Picture Credits: @adventureoflenny

2. Listen I’ll only clear your doubts, rest everything you have to do yourself.


Picture Credits: @pritzeepages

3. Not right now, I’m really busyyy!


Picture Credits:@coloradomountainhound

4. Don’t worry hooman, I’m here to help you.


Picture Credits: @meowfoundation

5. Can’t you see I’m in a meeting!


Picture Credits: @corgirosie

6. Not right now, we have a con call in 5!


Picture Credits: @dockandbay

7. Why you giggling hooman? I’m telling you this idea will make our sales touch the sky!


Picture Credits: @bruno_the_happy_shihtzu

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