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7 Instances Showing Humanity Is Still Alive!


As India is in a lockdown situation due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is advised to stay home to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus disease. The lockdown has affected all of us, but it is the stray animals which are affected the most due to this. Most of them survived on the leftover food given by the hotels/restaurants staff, which is now unavailable.

Even in these hard times there a few heroes who are showing that humanity is not dead.

1. Feeding the needy


Picture Credits: @AnimalRescueKota

2. Sharing is caring, indeed!


Picture Credits: @DelhiStreetDog

3. Just a Happy picture.


Picture Credits: @DelhiStreetDog

4. Feeding the fur babies.


Picture Credits: @divyakapoorgurwara

5. Can’t even count how many doggos are there!


Picture Credits: @dog.lover.143

6. Love in the times of Corona!


Picture Credits: @sonnalliseygall

7. Cute little Kittens!


Picture Credits: @rainbow_animal_aid

It is time for us to show some love towards these stray animals. They need us right now in this hard time. Let’s all do our bit individually in our locality so that we can feed as much strays as possible.

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