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7 Signs Your Pooch Is a Mama's Boy

Our pets can be really independent at times but they can also be really clingy too. If you’re a dog mom, we are sure there are millions of instances which you can pinpoint where your pet is adorably being around you and seeking attention.

However, some pets are just complete mama’s boys. Here are 7 signs to know whether your pooch is a mama’s boy:

1. They follow you everywhere:

Whether it is to the kitchen, the loo or even when you’re just going to fetch something from the other room. No matter how sleepy or busy they are, they will always follow you around. Much like the hutch puppy!

2. Waits at the door for you:

They are telepathic to your entry and exit from the house, much like Jaya Bacchan’s character from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam. They know from a mile away that you’re in the compound and the moment you enter you know you’ve to carefully open the door ‘cause they might just be standing with their nose on the door handle.

3. Listens to your commands:

Your pooch may or may not be a listener to other people, but if they’re a mama’s boy – chances are they will listen to your commands!

4. Always sleeps by your side of the bed:

It doesn’t matter if anyone else is sleeping on your bed, if you’re retiring for bed, they will creep into your side of the bed and snuggle with you till you both hit the hay. And it will be an everyday routine!

5. Has a reserved seat at the dinner table:

They’re always going to be at your side at the dinner table, doesn’t matter if you’re a mom who gives in to their sweet little adorable puppy face or not!

6. You become the first person they wake up:

They act like a perfect alarm clock for you and you’d naturally be the first person they would wake up in the morning, mostly because they like waking up to you and because they want to go out to pee!

9. Prefers going on walks with you:

They’d not step out for their daily walks without you, no matter how excited they maybe.

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