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7 Unique Cat Toys That Are a Must for Every Cat

Toys can be fun and interactive, keep your pets busy and can even lead to growth and mental development. Toys are an important part of a pet’s lifestyle and cats are no different.

If you’re a cat parent, here are seven toys that are a must for your kitty’s toy collection:

1. Play Circuit:

It’s a swirling track that stimulates the cat to chase balls or a cat-nip induced paper towel for extra enticement!

Price: 1650/-

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2. Circle Tower:

This circular cat tower toy that stimulates your cat’s senses and hunting instincts!

Price: 445/-

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3. Catch The Mouse Toy:

A unique cat toy with a mouse shaped toy firmly fixed to the rotator. Keeps the cat extremely busy and the scratching pad can induce healthy scratching habits!

Price: 419/-

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4. Interactive Treat Toy:

A fun toy to keep your cat physically & mentally stimulated. It dispenses the treat as a reward for the cat!

Price: 275/-

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5. Catch The Laser Light Toy:

The laser light keeps the cat busy & on their paws at all times. Plus it’s a mouse shaped laser toy!

Price: 595/-

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6. Scratch Post:

Available in various types & sizes, a scratch post is a perfect cat tree for your cat to scratch, climb and rest on. Totally lets them indulge in their instincts!

Price: 2369/-

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7. Cat Exercise Wheel:

An exercise wheel that’s fun and encourages exercising!

Price: 5000 onwards

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