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8 Funny Things Pets Do That Make You Roll on the Floor Laughing

Pets are intelligent, compassionate, loving and intuitive, sure. But at the same time, pets can also be really cute and dumb. They do certain things that make you laugh until your tummy hurts but also make you facepalm at the same time.

Here’s listing out 8 hilarious things you can often catch your pets do:

1. Eating your makeup or candles:

More often than not, your pet will go after something you strictly keep out of their reach, which intrigues them like a forbidden fruit. When was the last time you couldn’t stop laughing because they ate a pack of candles or your lipstick or hair serum?

2. Humping a sophisticated guest:

If they’re your close friends or family, it is still manageable. Somehow then the pet is all well behaved. However, one moment a sophisticated guest or someone you want to impress comes over, and your dog gets all humpy & horny! *facepalm level = infinity*

3. Stealing & dragging the trash:

How often has your pet gone after the trash like their life depends on it? Or you’ve come back from the office only to find the entire trash scattered across the hall. Post this, you can definitely find them hiding under the bed, which makes the entire incident all the more funny!

4. Ingested something from the kitchen in huge quantities:

Whether it’s their food, or vegetable oil packs or human grade biscuits – it doesn’t matter. Once they get their paws on the kitchen counter or shelves, they will find anything, somehow it will be a large packet and they will finish it all off. Of course, they will pass it all out the next morning – but that’s okay right? 

5. Trying to dig up a floor mat:

Digging up is an instinctive behaviour to animals – especially cats and dogs. But when domesticated, it just is hilarious to see them try to dig out a hole through a recently bought beautiful rug on your bedroom floor.

6. Chasing their own tail like it’s a squirrel:

How many times has it happened that you’re on an important client call and you catch your dog chasing their own tail? Countless no! Have fun imagining the last time they did it. Although, it sure does inspire us to be on our own & keep ourselves busy.

7. Eating some jewellery only to poop it out:

Missing a ring or an earring you kept at the bedside? Don’t waste time & energy looking for it right away. Wait until the morning and you will know where to look for it.

8. Losing body balance while falling asleep:

It is the cutest scene to see your dog or cat falling asleep in an awkward position, often making them lose their body balance. This is their version of getting drunk and passing out. Laugh at them like your friends laughed at your drunkenness, but then take them to their bed! :D

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