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8 Movies to Watch with Your Pets in This Quarantine!


Getting bored at home? Can’t go out because of the Coronavirus Lockdown? Why not make it a movie night with your best bud? We’re here to make it a pawsome night for you and your pet as we have curated a list of the best movies for you to watch with them. So just grab some popcorn and some kibble and let’s get going.

101 Dalmatians


Based on the cartoon series of the same name, this is a classic and a favourite amongst all the dogs and the dog lovers. After all who won’t enjoying watching 101 Dalmatians in one frame except the evil dognapper, Cruella de Vil?
Where to Watch? Hotstar

Lady and the tramp

Lady & The Tramp

This movie showcases one of the best romances of the dog world and of the human world pawhaps! It revolves around how an upper-middle-class American cocker spaniel named Lady and a street-smart, stray schnauzer called Tramp fall in love!
Where to Watch? Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video

A Dog's Purpose

A Dogs purpose

Keep some tissues close by as this one is sure to bring you to tears while taking you on the journey of a dog's reincarnations, showing everyone what his true purpose in life is.
Where to watch? Amazon Prime Video

The secret life of pets

The Secret Life Of Pets

This is an animated movie filled with comedy, drama, adventure, thrill and what not! This one is overflowing with all kinds of emotions.
Where to Watch? Netflix



Story about a dog who plays a superhero in reel life and believes he is one real life. Watch his adventurous journey as he proves he is a superhero in real life too.
Where to Watch? Hotstar

Hachi: A dog’s tale


Hachi: A Dog's Tale is a drama film that is a remake of the 1987 Japanese film Hachikō Monogatari. This is based on the true story of the Akita dog named Hachikō and his unbreakable bond with his owner.
Where to Watch? Amazon Prime video



Ratatouille is the story of a rat named Remy who aspires to become a renown French Chief and how his new human friend helps him achieve his dreams.
Where to watch? Netflix, Hotstar



Benji is a fictional character created in 1974, since then it has been the focus of several movies. This movie showcases how Benji the dog helps heal a broken family with his unconditional love.
Where to Watch? Netflix

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