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8 Reasons Why Your Dog Will Love Doggiie Dog World!

“Do what you love, love what you do, right?” Pooja Advani - founder of Doggiie Dog World believes just that! She moved to Singapore to educate herself in all aspects of pet care and grooming. Armed with 4 years of international work experience as a Certified Groomer, K9 Behaviourist, Trainer and Hydrotherapist for small animals in water, Pooja moved back to India and founded Doggiie Dog World in May 2014. Here are 8 reasons your pet will absolutley love to visit us:


  1. All Your Dog’s Needs Under One Roof

    Doggiie Dog World is a one stop wellness centre for your pets located in Andheri, Mumbai. Our fully equipped, multistorey facility offers pet grooming, hydrotherapy, obidence training, day care and boarding services. Pooja’s motto is to make Doggiie Dog World your pets’ safe haven and second home, all year around!

  2. Pampering By Professionals

    Everyone working at Doggiie Dog World is an animal-lover and is professionally trained by Pooja Advani herself. She has a hands-on approach with every client that walks through our door.

  3. A Splash Pool With Therapy

    The swimmming sessions are therapeutic and a lot of fun! The heated pool relaxes muscles and relieves stiffness in the joints. Pooja is a trained Hyrotherapist from London and personally takes charge of all the sessions.


  4. A Home Away From Home.
    At Doggiie Dog World, your pets are an important part of the family. We make sure your babies get all the love and attention they deserve while you are away.


  5. Grooming Them From Head To Toe (Literally!)

    We understand that while you love your pet, you may not always have the time to tend to their daily grooming needs. This is why, we take on the responsibility of everything; from basic grooming to getting them glammed up for a party too!

  6. Pet Safety And Hygiene Is Our Priority
    We have a standing agreement with the local vet in case of any emergencies. The pool at Doggiie Dog World is UV sterilised, chlorine free and is constantly filtered to ensure that it is perfectly safe for your dog. Our 2500 sq.ft. facility in Andheri is fully air-conditioned with the latest international equipment and pet-friendly products.

  7. Using The Best Imported Products  

    The best quality, imported shampoos and conditioners, specifically designed for your pooch are used at Doggiie Dog World !

  8. Care & Equipment Designed For Dogs Of All Sizes

    Pooja Advani personally supervises all pet activities of all ages and sizes that come to Doggiie Dog World. Your doggo or kitty cat will be delighted to be spend time, get groomed and stay with us.

    We invite you to experience our services on 16th and 17th December from 11 AM to 9 PM at Mumbai Pet Fed 2017, MMRDA Grounds, BKC, Mumbai. As co-sponsors of the event, we’ll dry groom and glam up your doggie at stall #B4 for free when you register and book an appoinment with us!

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