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8 Things That Are Harder to Do When You Live with a Pet

We love our pets more than our lives but there are certain things that are definitely harder to do with them being around!

1. Working from home:

With work from home becoming a lifestyle during this pandemic, it has become harder to work with your pet around especially when they’re doing adorable stuff, sitting on the keypad of your laptop or even photobombing your work video calls.

2. Having the bed all by yourself:

If you wake up with a sore pain in your back or legs, you know your pet had turned you into their bed last night. You hardly get to move in your own bed because either the cat is sleeping on your hand or if you have a dog, they will jump on you the moment you drift off to sleep.

3. Privately using the washroom:

This is not the naughty kind at all. Your dog will more often than not accompany you to the bathroom or right when you think you’re all alone – there’s your cat peeking at you from the laundry basket!

4. A neat & clean house – for more than 5 mins:

You’d just have finished cleaning up the whole house and there you will see your favourite moisturizer spilled all over the floor, courtesy – your beloved pet.

5. Leaving for any place:

The moment you put on your shoes, even if your pet is in another room, they just know you’re leaving the house. They’ll just come running to you, and either bark at you or just pop their snout out till you close the main door all the way through. We won’t be surprised if you’re getting flashbacks of the struggle you go through every day before leaving the house.

6. Taking Solo Pictures:

Go through your gallery right now and just count how many photos have your pet photo bombing it. And sometimes they do it so sneakily, you don’t even realize!

7. Zero alone time:

You cribbed about getting some personal space with your now-ex but you can’t do it when it comes to your dog! It’s impossible to get privacy when your pet is around – whether while eating your food or even watching TV!

8. Owning untethered furniture:

Investing in good décor and beautiful furniture just seems like a waste as you know that it will be destroyed in no time! And whatever piece of furniture you already own has scratch or bite marks on it. Just tell people it’s modern art and get away with it!

As much as these things seem hard, would you ever trade your pet for anything? We already know the answer!

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