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9 Indian Pet Accounts You Need to Follow Right Away

1. Nawab Tyagi – The Paragliding Husky

Nawab, a Siberian husky, loves to paraglide. He accompanied his parent Rohan for paragliding in Himachal Pradesh where they were at 3, 500 feet above the sea level & even has a record to be the first pet to try his hands on skiing. He often travels with his humans!


A post shared by Nawab Tyagi "Huskyindia" (@huskyindia0) on


2. Traveling Dog Chapati

Chapati, is a rescued Indian native dog and was once a stray, who now travels the World with her Ukranian parents. She has travelled more countries than you have!


A post shared by traveling dog Chapati (@travelingchapati) on


3. The Himalayan Husky

This is a tale of two dogs and their dad exploring the beautiful Himalayas!


A post shared by The Himalayan Husky (@the_himalayan_husky) on


4. Peach Preet Khamba

A pure Punjabi kudi pet of a popular Indian comedian. Her funny Punjabi captions are to die for!


A post shared by Peachpreet Khamba (@peachpreetkhamba) on


5. Wildly Indian

An account that’s a must follow for not just his pet dog, but also a variety of exotic pets he meets in his wildlife journey! He was also one of the first ones in leading the way to make iguana a fairly popular pet in the country.


A post shared by Aakash Vimal (@wildly_indian) on


6. Plowy

Proudly known as a celebrity cat, she can entertain you throughout the day and recommends the best kitty products for all you cat parents out there! She often travel and goes for staycations with her parents.


A post shared by Plowy the Cat (@plowythecat) on


7. Scotch The Retirver

An account to follow for a daily dose of happiness & your does of golden for the day! Scotch often travels with his parents but is currently enjoying some much needed quality time with his blogger mom!


A post shared by Scotch Bhinder (@scotch_the_retriever) on


8. Liger The Hedgehog

This one of a kind pet in India, a hedgehog is too cute for you to miss. Check Liger’s account!


A post shared by Liger The Hedgehog (@ligerthehedgehog) on


9. Caeszee The Cocker Spaniel

An aesthetically good looking feed and Caeszee’s adorable reactions to her mom will brighten up your day!


A post shared by CAESZEE (@caeszee_thecockerspaniel) on




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