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A Pet Parent’s Crash Course in Dog Nutrition

Most dog parents want to know about their pet’s nutrition and here’s highlighting some basic aspects of nutrition that every parent should be aware of. Answering a few nagging questions all pet parents have like; what main nutrients do the pets need? To which category do they belong? What is the glycemic index and how is it relevant in your best friend’s diet?

This may not seem very obvious in India, but we need to remember that dogs are carnivorous animals. Their voracious appetite for cookies, rotis, rice and other snacks may sometimes make us forget that. Both the friendly and delicate Pug, as well as the large and robust German Shepherd, are equal in digestive physiology and eating habits. And they should eat food which contains lots of protein and fats, and eat few vegetables – if any!

As the domestic dog, no longer hunts, and presents some adaptations to digest vegetable carbohydrates – after all, they have shared our ‘table’ for some time. Nevertheless, dogs will ALWAYS need protein and fat from animal sources – their natural sources of such nutrients. After all, they remain carnivorous animals. Both their anatomy and metabolism prove it. Sharp teeth and extremely strong jaws, high stomach acidity to digest proteins, short intestines, among other anatomical features that are present in any dog. Their ability to easily generate energy from protein and fat is an important metabolic feature that differentiates dogs from omnivorous animals (such as us humans, for example).

Farmina believes in the philosophy of complete nutrition, hence, their products come with balanced with all macro and micronutrients. Get in touch with them  for nutrition support for your beloved dog or cat and they’d be happy to help.

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