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Answer Your Pet's Nature Call by Taking Them Outside During Coronavirus Lock-down! Just Seek Police Permission First


Since the lockdown has been announced, pet parents have been hit with a constant dilemma of whether to take their pets out for a walk or not? Now, it’s safe to say that stepping out at this moment is highly dangerous for anyone, however, when the nature calls, you’ve to answer it.

Recently, a decision was taken by deputy commissioner of police of one of the areas in Pune to allow pet parents to take their pets for a walk for necessary activities, after being approached by activists. This news has brought reassurance to the pet parents across Pune. It was also witnessed by a few pet parents in Delhi as well that the police has been stopping people who were out to walk their pets. They have been asked to get a permission filed from the nearest police station so they can walk around their compound with their pet.

It is suggested that a pet parent can follow the following rules to ensure safety of their own & others:

1. Seek a permission letter from the DCP/ACP of your area’s nearest police station

2. Make sure you’re the one who’s taking your pet to a walk and not a hired dog walker

3. Wear mask & gloves when stepping out for the walk

4. Maintain social distancing by only 1 parent accompanying the dog


5. Make sure you do not go too far away from your home

6. Wash your hands & your pet’s paws thoroughly once you’re back home

Professing to not quite understanding the needs of the animals but wishing to be fair, DCP Gaikwad said, “There is some sort of inconvenience pet parents are facing and hence, they will be allowed to talk a quick walk when their dogs have to pee or poop. However, long walks will not be entertained from our side for now, and they will have to face action.”

Source: Pune Mirror

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