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Beacon Pet Care - the Care That Your Pet Deserves

A pet is a wonderful addition to the family and becomes an integral part of your life. Keeping in mind the health of your pet, Beacon has extended its specialized arm into Pet care by introducing one of a kind services in the Pet - healthcare industry.

To make the Pet care services easily accessible, Beacon presents a progressive product- Beacon Pet-Health Passport which is India’s first Health Passport for Pets. Owning this passport, one can avail attractive discounts on vaccinations, treatment - procedures, radiology and pathology services; getting access to vast network of veterinary consultants and specialists across Mumbai & Pune. Nonetheless, Beacon also offers the facility of EMR (Electronic Medical Records). Beacon Petcare also assists in availing insurance for your pet dogs.

Established in January 2016, Beacon Wellcare Pvt Ltd. aims to provide quality primary healthcare services while maintaining the ethical standards with its own Family clinic in Pune. They have catered more than 1,50,000 patients across Mumbai & Pune through Beacon Health Passport. Beacon Health Passport has a wide network of healthcare partners, which consists of 500+ diagnostic centers, 250+ Hospitals & Specialist doctors. One can avail attractive discounts when referred to their Healthcare partners. 

With the success of Beacon Health Passport for individuals, they are now coming up with the innovative product “Beacon Pet-Health Passport” specially crafted for Pets. At Beacon, they’re proud to make the health services easily accessible and available for you and your loving pets. Remember, they’re there to answer all your questions or concerns.

Visit them at Pet Fed Mumbai 2019 and check out their exclusive pet health passport for yourself, given with every ticket bought! Get tickets here!

For more information: Pet-Health Passport – 020-67525712 / Health Passport – 8884217771 or visit


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