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Busting 5 Common Skincare Myths in Pets!

Our pets have more sensitive skin than us humans. However, the topic of pets’ skincare remains largely overlooked, mostly because we tend to give in and believe the widespread myths surrounding it. 

So here we are busting some common skincare myths associated with pets, backed by the actual facts:

All Pets Itch and Scratch:

NO! Itching and scratching can be damaging for your pet’s skin and in turn, makes them prone to various skin infections. It is always best to get a vet’s consultation if you notice your pet scratching incessantly. 



All Skin Conditions in Pets Are the Same:

NO! While most of the skin diseases in pets may look alike but their underlying causes and treatments are not always the same. 



Pets Staying Indoors Don't Get Allergies:

This is an entirely false statement. Pets staying indoors are equally prone to inhaling allergens or develop skin inflammations and infections from fleas and ticks. 



It’s Safe to Use Human Baby Products on Pets as They Are Less Harmful:

NO! Human medications can be toxic for your furry friends. Getting specific pet products after vet consultations is always the best way to go. 



It’s Safe for Pets to Lick Their Wounds:

NO! Licking wounds does more damage than healing. If you let your pet lick their wounds, the healing process gets potentially delayed and it may also lead to ingestion of medications/ ointments by your pets which will cause further problems. 



An Effective Natural Solution To Pet Skin Problems:

Dermisule, a 100% safe and effective homeopathic medicine from Goel Vet Pharma, can be a great remedy to avoid skin conditions in pets.


Homeopathic Solution: Dermisule

Dosage: 20 drops, thrice a day or as directed by the doctor

Price: Rs. 280 only


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