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Check out the Alternatives for Your Dog’s Daily Routine During Coronavirus Lockdown!


Like people across the country and around the world whose lives have suddenly been turned upside down by Covid-19, dogs who are stuck in quarantine with their owners may experience stress. Most of the time, dogs want something to do, and when that’s taken away, they can struggle.

Alternatives to walking them outside:

In case there is no private outer space to walk your dog, you can free them off the leash and hold some treats and make them follow you as you walk from one room to another indoors or you can choose to walk around your dining table briskly and see them follow you for the treats. You can take them up and down the stairs a couple of times and hand them the treats.

Indoor Games to keep your pets busy:

If you want to entertain them at home instead of taking walks outside, you can get them some toys and can play with your dog at home, such as

Short-distance “Fetch”- Throw a toy in the hallway or to the other end of the room and let your dog fetch the toy.

Hide and Seek- Hide in the house while asking someone to hold the dog and call out once before they release your pet and let them find you.

Find the Treat- Take some empty boxes, place them on the floor and hide some treats in one of the boxes and let your dog use its nose to find the hidden treats. Rearrange, shuffle and continue playing.

Watch this video to get a demo:


You can provide obedience training as there is plenty of time at home during the lockdown.

Watch how to provide toilet training indoors:

How to train over-excited dogs to stop jumping on people:


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