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Do You Know the Right Way to Feed Your Dog?

Like the pack behavior of wolves, dogs have evolved to consume large quantities of food in a single sitting. You can see this trait to gorge and overeat in several popular dog breeds like Labrador Retrievers. Precisely why you need to monitor meals to control food consumption and prevent unhealthy weight gain or indigestion. This being said, at Royal Canin believe that every dog is unique, from the flat-faced Pug to the obesity-prone Labrador retriever. Through a lifetime dedicated to learning more about pet dogs, and partnering with pet experts, we have created dog food based on size, breed, life stages and other parameters.

Food demands according to breed:


What would you call the encounter between an odd sized kibble and a Pug? May be Pug-of-war. Given its flat-faced muzzle shape, the Pug would need a cloverleaf design to help it pick up and chew the kibble easily. Any other shape could pose a tricky situation. Find out more about Pug-friendly kibbles here.

Cocker Spaniel

This great family companion deserves an equally good company when it comes to food. Cashew-shaped kibbles is our pick. Perfectly shaped to suit its broad, deep muzzle and square, even jaws, these kibbles are the perfect munchies for Cocker Spaniels. Find out more about Cocker Spaniel-friendly kibbles here. 

Labrador Retrievers

Think of it as a perfectly edible ‘go-slow’ sign! Donut-shaped kibble can really slow down the notoriously quick eating habit of Labradors, thereby encouraging longer chewing. Find out more about Labrador-friendly kibbles here.


Boxers look tough. Why make their eating rituals tougher? With thick upper lips and straight lower jaw teeth these furry friends need wave-shaped kibble to nibble without much difficulty. Let these toughies have it easy. Find out more about Boxer-friendly kibbles here.


Beware sharp incisors ahead! Rottweilers’ high-density kibble takes it unique shape after its strong teeth and overlapping scissor-bite. To maintain their muscle and might, feed them with the right-sized bite. Find out more about Rottweiler-friendly kibbles here.


Beagles and giggles go along naturally! These merry making and fun loving dogs are active companions who demand kibble of a certain size, shape and texture to keep their energy levels high. Royal Canin’s kibble makes for a perfect fit for their straight and square-cut, medium-length muzzle.  Find out more about Beagle-friendly kibbles here.

German Shepherds

They hail from the land that’s obsessed with precision. So think like a German while feeding a German Shepherd. Kibble for these agile, well-muscled dogs need to precisely match their long, strong muzzles and teeth to enable ease of pick up and proper chewing. Find out more about German Shepherd-friendly kibbles here.

Golden Retrievers

You can forget about any golden rules when it comes to Golden Retrievers. Cheerful, friendly and forgiving by nature, these dogs are amongst the finest family pets one can have. And to make them feel truly at home, you may just follow one regime. Feed him with kibble that’s perfected for straight muzzle and scissor-bite teeth, to encourage easy pick-up and chewing. Find out more about Golden Retriever-friendly kibbles here. 

Great Danes

You can’t stop gazing at Great Danes! Their remarkable body size and stature tells you that good is not great enough even when it comes to their food requirements. Royal Canin’s kibble has been designed keeping in my mind the breed’s high digestive sensitivity. Find out more about Great Dane-friendly kibbles here.

Food demands according to size:

Small-Sized Breeds (1-10 kg)

How do you pack a big punch for busy, fussy eaters who are not so big in size? PugsShih Tzus and Daschunds have longer life spans and higher energy requirements. Food for small breed puppies and dogs need to be fortified accordingly. Learn more about food for small- sized dogs here

Medium-Sized Breeds (11-25 kg)

Size can surprise! Certainly in case of these fabulous breeds that are not so big and not too small. Medium-sized dogs like HuskiesBull TerriersDalmatians rely on food that’s formulated for their high energy levels and the need to maintain a healthy weight, glossy coats and strong bones. Learn more about food for medium-sized dogs here.

Large-Sized Breeds (26-44 kg)

Undoubtedly, they make a big impression on you. DobermansGreyhoundsSheepdogs have a large body size and larger energy requirements with the additional need to support the development of strong joints. Food for large breed puppies and dogs therefore need to be fortified differently in a big way. Learn more about food for large-sized dogs here

Giant-Sized Breeds (>45 kg)

Stop! Stare! Start again! The massive size of breeds like Saint BernardsMastiffsNewfoundlands make them unmissable and unlike any. Their heavy body weight demand stronger bones and joints. However, feeding these Giant-sized breeds with the right nutrition need not be an intimidating task. Learn more about food for giant-sized dogs here.

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