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Dogs Are Therapeutic, but They May Need Therapy Too!

Is your pet suffering from an injury or post surgery stress but traditional methods have failed to provide relief? If the answer is yes, then turn your heads to Hydrotherapy! Hydrotherapy, which essentially means “water healing” is highly recommended by Vets, especially for pets with medical conditions. Its non-weight bearing exercises help in rehabilitating dogs post injury or surgery.

Where to get this done, you ask? Pet Fed recommends visiting Pooja Advani, Founder, Doggiie Dog World, who is among the few trained and qualified hydrotherapists in India. Hydrotherapy is beneficial in cases like arthritis, intervertebral disk disease or disk bulge, hip and elbow dysplasia, neurological conditions, muscle wastage, soft tissue injuries and is also useful in maintaining mobility and fitness in older dogs. Pets are made to do controlled exercises in warm water, under the supervision of the therapist. This cannot be done at home as there is a proper set up required, which includes a large indoor pool, UV sterilised water and sand filtration systems to maintain hygiene levels for pets.

Pets can take up Hydrotherapy as just-for-fun swim sessions too. Coz who doesn’t like a long therapeutic warm water pool session? Your pet gets dedicated pool time, they are free to jump in, swim and totally let loose, all under the care of Pooja, who stays in the pool with them at all times. We totally recommend Hydrotherapy to our furry friends as an extremely safe and super fun method of healing!

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