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Eight Lesser Known Health Benefits of Gluten Free Doggy Biscuits

As the world is growing more conscious of what their furry friend eats, an expanding number of pet parents are beginning to learn that the prevalence of Gluten intolerance in dogs is growing.

Gluten is a protein commonly found in cereals, barley, wheat and rye. However, Gluten that exists in wheat is most commonly associated with food intolerances in sensitive stomached dogs.

Why Is That?

Good health starts in the gut. However, with gluten consumption, there can be a reduction of the absorption of necessary Vitamins & Minerals. In an attempt to digest these glutens the stomach adds as much acid as possible to break them down. Slowly, the gluten laden food erodes the wall of your intestine, hence reducing the absorption of nutrients and causing indigestion problems.

Where Do We Start From?

Even if your dog doesn’t have a sensitive stomach or a gluten allergy, there are still a lot of digestive health benefits of gluten free biscuits.  

Pet parents in general are anxious about feeding too many dog biscuits due to reward training, calming them down, distracting them from the dinner table, so on and so forth. Now you may not be able to cut down on these instances, but you can definitely switch to gluten free biscuits.

What Are the Health Benefits of Gluten Free Biscuits?

Apart from being easy to digest and kind to sensitive stomached dogs, here are eight lesser known health benefits of gluten free biscuits:

1. Nutritious:

Since gluten free biscuits are free of gluten & sugar mostly, instead they comprise of vegetables, fibre and healthy meat or fish protein, oats etc. which provides your dog with a nutritionally complete and healthy biscuit options.

2. Tastier:

Gluten free biscuits tend to generally be tastier as there’s a use of variety of options like fish, chicken, oats, pumpkin, apple etc. to increase the palatability of these healthy biscuits.

3. Healthier Coat:

As gluten free dog biscuit is high in protein, there tends to be an increase in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty oils make your dog’s coat thick, shiny and healthy.

4. Better Skin:

Dietary deficiencies often cause skin ailments. Gluten free dog biscuits contain vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that boost the immune system and as a result your dog has a healthier skin.

5. Fewer Allergies:

In many allergic cases, it is found that carbohydrates cause the problem, simply because dogs have a digestive system that is not capable of fully digesting carbs. When you find that your dog has developed allergic reactions to starchy carbohydrates, switching to gluten free doggy biscuits will make their life happier and healthier.

6. More Energy:

Protein is the main source of energy for dogs, and regular dog biscuits can be full of carbs and won’t provide your dog with much protein or energy. Alternatively, gluten free dog biscuits are high on other natural proteins and are therefore an excellent energy source.

7. Weight Management:

If dogs consume lots of treat and that too the ones that have excessive carbohydrates, can really push your dog to put on the excess weight, even if it is during their training. Hence, switching to healthy dog biscuits especially when your dog is at a growing stage is extremely essential.

8. Cures Bad Breath:

Nutrition has a huge impact on dental health, and in most cases, poor nutrition leads to bad breath. Not only do you need to make a shift in the nutrition of their overall diet, but also be conscious of the tit-bits that you feed them in intervals. Even switching to gluten free dog biscuits can actually help improve bad breath in dogs.

Naughty Pet’s Gluten Free Doggy Biscuits

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