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English Coach Dog with a Distinctive Coat - The Dalmatian

The History of Dalmatian
The Dalmatian breed is known for its unique white coat marked with black or liver-colored spots. It is thought that early ancestors of the breed were certain breeds of Gundogs and a spotted Great Dane.
Researchers have used ancient artifacts and writings to support theories placing the Dalmatian’s birth in the British Isles, Europe, North Africa, and Asia. However, by the early 1800s, the breed was closely associated with a large area of Central Europe along the Adriatic Sea, the region once known as Dalmatia. Dalmatians were companions to the Romani people when they used to wander around Europe, hence making it difficult to pin down their exact origins.
The traditional occupation of the breed was to trot beside horse-drawn coaches and to guard the horses and stables at night. For this reason, the breed used to be called 'the Spotted Coach Dog.'
Back in the 1800s, when horses pulled fire engines, Dalmatians began their long association with firefighters. Being bright, loyal, and loving house dogs, they are also strong, active dogs with great stamina, making them a wonderful partner for runners and hikers.
Ideal Characteristics
19 to 24 inches
20 to 32 kgs
Life Span
11-13 Years
Fur Coat
Heavy shedders with Short Coat
Dignified, Smart, Outgoing
Energy Levels
Dietary Needs
Large Breed Formula diet

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