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Have a Chill Session with Your Dog with These Dog Beers

Yes, you read that right. Dog beers are a thing! Beers are a quite popular drink among the millennials & the Gen Z. Nothing beats a chilled beer on a Sunday chilling with your dog or your friend’s dog! But why do our canines miss out on the fun? Don’t worry, they do not have alcohol content but have a beer like packaging to give the feel. 


Here’s listing out some of the Dog Beers you can put out for your dog, when you’re having a cold one with your human buddies too: 


Woozy Boozy:



Created by the popular dog cafe in Delhi - Puppychino and packaged as a pint, this dog beer is 100% safe & natural, non-alcoholic, non-carbonated & available in various flavours!

Available at: Puppychino Cafe, Delhi

Woof & Brew Bottom Sniffer:



Unique and refreshing beer packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This one is also non-alcoholic & non-carbonated. Brewed in Britain, it comes in a pint.

Available at:  PetPedia




Comes in chicken flavour, doesn’t contain hops or alcohol content & is non-sparkling. This one is made in the land of beer – BELGIUM, it comes in both a pint as well as can.

Available at: Flipkart



This one was a special limited edition broth beer created by Simba, for the dogs coming to the Pet Fed festivals. Packaged in a pint, the visitors loved serving the beer to their dogs as they clinked their own pints with their friends or families!

Available at: Pet Fed Festivals 

So the next time, when you’re out on a hot summer day, or at a dog park with friends & your favourite bunch of furry friends or when you’re simply enjoying watching your favorite team play on TV, don’t forget to treat your best friend with a beer too!


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