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Here Are 7 Pooches You Can Take Home TODAY: Bangalore

If you’re looking to adopt Desis, you hail from Bangalore – you’ve come to the right place. Charlie’s Animal Rescue Center (CARE) has 7 adorable puppers up for adoption that you can take home today!

Here are their details:

1. Frodo:

Fordo is a 2.5 months old Male Indie. Frodo is an outgoing, energetic little boy who loves being around people. He likes to play and is friendly with other dogs.
Special skills: Climbing, Bungee Jumping

2. Gimli:

Gimli, 2.5 months old Male Indie, is a friendly and affectionate pup who loves cuddles. He is an ideal pup for families with small children; he also gets along great with other dogs.
Special skills: Infinite Wisdom

3. Heidi:

Heidi is a Female Indie & 3 months old! She is a sweet and playful girl; she is perfect for families with children and is also great for first time pet-parents. She is also too photogenic for her own good!
Special skills: Modelling

4. Penny:

Penny is a 4.5 month old shy Indie girl who takes some time to get used to new people. Once she settles in, she rules as queen and loves any play that involves jumping. She is also very independent which is good for busy families.
Special skills: Hurdles Champion

5. Prince:

Prince, a 2.5 months old Male Indie, is an energetic and playful pup who steals the heart of anyone he meets. He loves being around people but is also very good around other dogs (or on his own). Prince loves to play and those puppy eyes means he usually gets his way.
Special skills: Somersaults

6. Pippin

Pippin is a 2.5 months old Male Indie. He is a sweet, shy boy who likes his space, but also loves getting his belly rubbed. Give him time and he will be a loyal, affectionate life-companion. He is a great dog for families with small children.
Special skills: Meditation, Guided Breathing

7. Shanthi:

True to her name, Shanthi is a calm and affectionate girl who loves being around people and other dogs. Shanthi, a 3.5 months old Female Indie has a limp in her hind leg which will limit her movement slightly (but not her spirit). She loves sitting on peoples’ laps and doesn’t let her handicap get in her way.
Special skills: being Wonder-Dog!

If you are interested in adopting any of these dogs, please fill out CARE’s initial screening form:

You can also contact them at 7349345444 for any queries regarding the adoptions!

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