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Here Are 8 Furbabies You Can Take Home TODAY

There has been a surge in adoption of pets during this lockdown. It’s true, no one’s a better companion to a human than a dog. If you feel the same, and think the time is right, but don’t know where to find one, Save the Paws is here to the rescue.

Here are 8 adorable puppers you can adopt today and give them a loving home:

1. Buddy:

Buddy is a 3 year old Dobermann who was abandoned and takes time to mingle with humans but once comfortable is extremely friendly and loving.
Contact: Namrata - 9920405004 / Poonam - 9930463742 / Nikunj - 9757094605

2. Champ:

A 5.5 month old Labrador who is playful, loves cuddles and some human company.
Contact: Namrata - 9920405004 / Poonam - 9930463742 / Nikunj - 9757094605

3. Happy:

A 3 year old rescued Saint Bernard who is extremely human friendly but likes to keep a safe distance with dogs.
Contact: Namrata - 9920405004 / Poonam - 9930463742 / Nikunj - 9757094605

4. Joy:

A 1 year old male Labrador, who is energetic & both human and dog friendly!
Contact: Namrata - 9920405004 / Poonam - 9930463742 / Nikunj - 9757094605

5. Lara:

She is 2 month old black and white Indie, very friendly, loves to give kisses and eat her chicken.
Contact: Shiv - 8452031330

6. Max:

Max is a 9.5 month old Labrador retriever who was abandoned recently. He is extremely handsome and loving and waiting for his forever home!
Contact: Namrata - 9920405004 / Poonam - 9930463742 / Nikunj - 9757094605

7. Piu:

An Indie female who is just 3 months old! She is a friendly child who loves to cuddle and play! She is looking for her forever home.
Contact: Madhvi or Yashika - 9029102987

8. Stud:

He is a 3 legged Rottweiler who is extremely friendly and loving. He is waiting for his forever home where he will be loved the way he is and not looked at as a pity dog.
Contact: Namrata - 9920405004 / Poonam - 9930463742 / Nikunj - 9757094605

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