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How to Make a Dog Magically Appear

How many times has it happened that your dog is nowhere to be found when you actually want to see them, but when you’re in the middle of something - they will somehow always be there distracting you. 


So, the next time you find them hiding away from you in a corner, do these to make them magically appear:


Open a Pack of Treats: 



Make sure you take their favourite pack & crinkle it. Watch them come to you in less than 30 seconds!


Play with Their Toys:



If they have a favourite toy, especially if it's a squeaky one, hold no bars to play with it along with someone else & watch them run after the two of you. They’re more worried about you ruining their toy than they themselves.


Shout out the Words They Understand:



Every dog has a few of their favourite human words like “walk”, “drive” & sometimes even “grandparents house”. Speak them out loud. 


Sleep on Their Bed:



Get their attention by going to their bed and sit or lie on it. They will be quizzed but it will definitely grab their attention. 


Open the Main Door of Your House:


More often than not, the dogs recognize the sound that comes from opening the main gate the most. So try it out, they will come running from where little corner of the house they were in!


Take a Pair of Shoes from the Shoe Stand:


They have a sense that when you wear your shoes it's probably because you're about to step out. They have associated it with that. Make use of it to get them to come to you!



Pick up Their Leash:


Picking up their leash means it’s “walk time”! Although, this may be a little harsher than other methods, desperate times call for desperate measures right? Although do take them out for a bonus round of walk for being such a good boi!

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