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Identifying Signs of Joint Pain in Dogs and Treating Them Permanently

Joint pain and inflammation is one of the most common issues dogs deal with, and not just middle aged or senior dogs, it’s been observed that even young dogs are falling prey to it now.  

Since these pets cannot voice out their discomfort, as their guardian angels, we should keep a strong check on how they’re faring in terms of their physical health, before a simple injury or mild joint pain turns into something serious.

Here are 9 tell-tale signs of joint pain in dogs you need to look out for:

1. Limping:

  • Difficulty in moving their joint 
  • Shifting their hind legs to either side
  • Limping on one or both legs

2. Lameness:

  • Stiffness in joints
  • Not placing the affected leg on the ground for most of the run and then standing with only their toes touching the ground
  • Not being able to put any weight at all on the limb on the affected side

3. Arching of the Lower Back or Spine:

  • Sore neck
  • Hunched back
  • Increased frailness in hind legs
  • Unnatural stance before walking

4. Lethargy:

  • Getting tired even on walking short distances
  • Sleeps most part of the day
  • Low on energy

5. Abnormal Walking or Running:

  • Having a hopping walk if they walk/run too fast i.e. will push themselves forward with both hind legs
  • Flicking the affected hind/back legs as they walk
  • Holding the affected leg in a way that only toes touch the ground as they walk
  • Dragging of the hind or front paws
  • Crisscrossing of the hind/front legs
  • Swaying abnormally while walking
  • Dragging of an entire limb as they pull themselves forward
  • Knuckling/curling of the toes as they walk

6. Reluctance in Any or Sudden Movements:

  • Having difficulty in getting up
  • Not being able to climb heights or stairs
  • Not being able to leap onto the couch, bed or car

7. Licking, Snapping, Yelping or Biting:

  • Excessive licking of paws due to discomfort
  • May snap/bite if moved due to pain
  • Extreme pain causing yelping if affected muscle is touched or probed
  • Swollen joints, inflammation or hair loss in the affected area due to constant licking
  • Aggressive or irritable more often

8. Awkward Sitting Posture:

  • Not able to sit with their hind legs close to the body, causing an awkward sitting posture
  • Hind/back legs splay backwards
  • Slower to get up after a long period of rest/sitting

9. Depression and Loss of Appetite:

  • Inactivity resulting in loss of appetite
  • Not enjoying games and walks like they used to
  • Appears sad and gloomy most of the times

Witnessing any of the above signs in your pets? Fret not.

Here's the Perfect Solution for Treatment of Joint Pain: 

Inflasule, a 100% safe homeopathic medicine by Goel Vet Pharma, is suitable for treating any kind of joint pain in all kinds of dog breeds. Inflasule start showing results in 3-5 days if it's just a sprain and for more severe problems like arthritis it is required till the problem persists. Since its 100% homeopathic, there is no risk of any side-effects for your pet either!

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