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Meet Taz, a Golden Retriever Who Donates Blood & Saves Lives

A human may flinch while donating blood as blood makes people squeamish, but dogs won’t flinch even for a second. 


Meet one such dog, Taz - a golden retriever who donates blood to pooches in need and saves their lives. Taz was hardly 2 years old when Sophie, a german shepherd, was sick with tick fever. 


Sophie was in urgent need of a blood transfusion, when Taz came to her rescue. Before the donation, Taz was shaved from the stomach area from where his blood was retrieved, all of it Taz endured bravely. 


Watch video here:




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Both the dogs are now healthy & happy and Taz is now a regular canine blood donor for the past 5-6 years. 


Let’s normalize and make canine blood donation a thing and save as many dog lives as we can. 


Source: Times Of India

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