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North Koreans Ordered to Give up Pet Dogs in Lieu of Meat Shortage in the Country

North Korean leader – Kim Jong-Un has ordered the citizens of North Korea to give up their pet dogs. The news comes after a reported economic hardship that the country is facing due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Amid food shortages & with more than 90% trade with China falling through, Kim Jong-Un justified this move by using class difference as an excuse. He feels that some families owning dogs as pets is a sign of opulence and wealth which is unfair for the lower strata of the society, especially during these dire circumstances.

Earlier also, Kim Jong-un had ordered a ban on pet ownership, calling it a symbol of "western decadence." Dogs in North Korea have always been associated with capitalist notions and the rule banning pet dogs has been implemented on and off since the 1980s, reports NY Times.

With this order coming through, once again, families with furry members are unwilling and upset to give up their beloved pooches – however, the authorities have already been appointed to identify families with pet dogs for confiscation. Considering that Kim Jong rule can be claimed as dictatorial, it is almost next to impossible for North Korean families to refuse from handing over their pets.

Source: News 18

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