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Obese Dog Loses Weight Due to Foster Mom's Training, after Original Parents Plan to Put Him Down

Kai, a golden retriever, weighed a total of 78 kgs when Pam, his foster mom and now official adoptive mother took him in. Kai gained all this weight living with his previous parents, who then decided to euthanize him as it became “too much to handle”. The local vet he was taken to refused to put him down and called in a favour with an animal rescue shelter to find this overweight pooch a new home. That’s when Pam Heggie, from Edmonton, decided to foster Kai with a goal of helping him shed 45 kgs.

He wasn’t able to do anything that normal dogs can do, but Pam, who relentlessly worked towards his weight transformation journey – took over a year to drop his weight down to the recommended 31 kgs. Among the health risks associated with obesity in pets are difficulty in breathing, heat intolerance, high blood pressure, diabetes, lameness, low immune system and increased likelihood of cancer.

'Even the pictures don't do justice of how overwhelmingly large he was,' Pam explained recently.

Pam is a former cardiac rehabilitation nurse, so she had the compassion and skill set required to safely get Kai back down to the recommended weight after he came home with her. Because of Pam, Kai is now capable of doing all normal things that dogs do like taking a stroll in the park. And not just that, Kai is also a certified therapy dog now!

Watch his full weight transformation journey here:


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You can also follow Kai’s adventures with his siblings here!

Source: Daily Mail

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