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Police Dogs to Sniff out Cash Bribes

Gujarat police’s anti-narcotics and counter-terrorism capabilities increase as its K9 dog squad acquires more tools and expertise to teach new dogs even newer tricks.

The squad recently acquired explosives and narcotics scent kits from an American company, Scentlogix, costing Rs. 23 Lakh. “Scent kits give off the odor of explosives or drugs but do not contain the substance itself. This bypasses the procedural issues and potential for misuse that would exist if we use actual explosives or narcotics drugs,” said Vikas Sahay, Director General of Police (Training).

Apart from tracing explosives, narcotics and helping to solve other offenses like murder, loot, and theft, for the first time, police dogs will be used to ascertain a case of corruption! The dogs of the K9 (canine) squad of Gujurat police will be used to smell out stashes of cash concealed by corrupt officials.

Gujarat police dog

Gujarat anti-corruption bureau will soon start using the police dogs in case of corruption and a proposal for the same has been sent to the state home department.

“We have decided to use dogs that can smell currency notes and help ACB officers unearth spots where big wads of currency notes have been concealed,” said a senior officer. This will also help in saving time and accelerating the process in cases of corruption.

“Like in cases of loot, murder, and other offenses, dogs can exactly trace the location of hidden stashes of cash after they are given the scent of different currency notes,” said an officer.

After the home department gives sanction, dog handlers and forensic experts will be called to the spot where a corrupt officer has been arrested, for further inquiry.

Source: Times of India

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