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Puppy Essentials' Checklist for New Dog Parents

Are you getting a new puppy home? First of all, Congratulations! Before you embark on this new journey, there are some essentials that a new puppy definitely needs!

Here’s a checklist for you newest puppy parents:

1. Collar:

A basic buckle collar would do just fine as they will outgrow this in no time!

2. Leash:

A lightweight leash would do the trick; just make sure it's durable since your puppy would want to chew on to it at some point of time.

3. Nametag:

A pet ID tag that carries their name and your contact number is a must for every puppy!

4. Vet:

You need to make sure that you introduce your puppy to a nearby, best veterinarian you can find. Also, keep their contact handy just in case of emergencies.

5. Crate:

A crate is a must to train your puppy as well as act as a comforting den for your pup. Make sure the crate is big enough for your puppy to lie down, sit, stand and stretch and still have ample of space.

6. Toys:

Toys are an extremely essential part of your puppy’s physical growth as well as mental stimulation. Toys provide your puppy with a sense of security and belonging and even tire them out ample for a good night’s sleep!

7. Chews:

If you never had a puppy then get ready for some unwanted chewing of among other things furniture, clothes, shoes, hands, and feet. A good dog chew will help redirect this unwanted behaviour until your puppy matures and sheds his puppy teeth.

8. Food:

Feeding your puppy correctly from the very beginning is essential for his healthy growth and development. Hence, make sure you have a balanced diet plan in place.

9. Bowl:

One would need sturdy bowls for their pups for both – feeding as well as drinking water. Make sure the bowl is sturdy enough so it doesn’t move around a lot when the pup is eating/drinking and also it should not have a lot of depth, else it will be difficult for the pup to eat/drink from.

10. Blanket:

A soft cosy blanket is a must to keep the puppy feeling a little more comfortable his first few nights in his new home.

11. Treats:

When do you start training your puppy? The day you get him! Whether or not you decide to train your puppy with treats it’s still important to have treats for your puppy. Nothing works better than treats as a reward system and inculcates positive appreciating behaviour in them.

12. Groomer:

Keep in mind a nearby certified groomer or a mobile van that can come home and groom your puppy. Keeping a grooming routine from the start would be efficient in keeping the pet healthy looking and nail trimming of pups is something that is highly recommended to be done by a professional groomer.

13. Brush/Comb:

Brushing your pup from a young age and getting them used to the routine of brushing is most recommended. It takes off all the dirt that settles on our pet’s coat and skin and still keeps the natural oil levels of the coat maintained. To start with, a soft-bristle brush and slicker brush are really all that you need.

14. Shampoo:

Choosing a puppy shampoo is imperative, since you don’t want any harsh chemicals or ingredients to mess up your pup’s new and delicate skin as well as coat!

15. Towel:

Towels are extremely necessary to dry them off after their bathing session, which obviously comes in at a later stage when the bathing is recommended. Before that, one would need extra towels handy to clean up after their pee, poop & even vomit.

16. Toothbrush & Toothpaste:

Get your pup used to some dental hygiene from the start (but definitely not from day 1).

17. Bedding or Shelter:

A comfortable cushion bed or elevated bedding like a pet shelter would be an ideal thing to introduce your pup to from the start. They respond the best if they have a corner to themselves as their own territory.

18. Toilet Training Pads:

While toilet training your puppy, instead of newspapers, you can put these out for your pet to pee on. It absorbs odours and liquids and quickly dries.

19. Poop Bags:

Poop bags are needed to scoop the poop our puppy might do in the house indoors or even for when we take them out for a walk. A pet parent should get themselves used to picking up the poop their puppies do on the roads, as good citizens, and not just leave it there outside.

20. Trainer:

It’s always a good idea to have a trainer and a training plan in place about how you want to raise your pup!


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    Mushfiq says

    Great and informative article. A new pet can be a great burden and, while it's a reviving time, there is much to ponder over this trifling matter.

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