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Rescue Dogs of the Swiss Alps - Saint Bernard

The History of Saint Bernard 
A very large working dog, Saint Bernard is a breed from the Western Alps in Italy and Switzerland.
A monk named Bernard of Menthon established a hospice at a snowy pass within the Alps in 1050 to aid pilgrims traveling to the city of Rome. Crossing the snowy pass was dangerous as it was 8,000 feet above sea level and drifts as high as 40 feet. The monks at the hospice developed powerful working dogs over several centuries that would locate and rescue the buried travelers due to avalanches and drifts.
St. Bernard was named after the Great St Bernard Hospice that was established by Bernard of Menthon. The dogs used to serve as guard dogs before the monks discovered their remarkable pathfinding and scenting abilities. The first notation concerning Saint Bernard was not until 1707, although it was casually written to imply that the breed works at the St. Bernard Pass in between Italy and Switzerland.
Before 1830, all Saint Bernard’s were short-haired. It took over a couple of years of extreme weather and diminishing of the breed to convince the monks to outcross the breed with longer-haired dogs.
Saint Bernard is a patient, loyal, affectionate, and a very friendly breed if socialized.
Ideal Characteristics
Males: 28 to 30 in 
Females: 26 to 28 in
Males: 63-82 kgs 
Females: 54-63 kgs
Life Span
8-10 Years
Fur Coat
Heavy shedders with both Short & Long Coat
Playful, Charming, Inquisitive
Energy Levels
Dietary Needs
Large Breed Formula diet

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