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Six Common Causes for Loss of Appetite in Pets

Loss of appetite, also known as Anorexia, is fairly common in pets. More often than not it is an indicative symptom of an underlying disease rather than a disease in itself. Besides complete disinterest in eating regular food, some early signs of anorexia could also be lethargy, eating less food than regular diet, vomiting, weight loss and loss of excitement for treats.

Here’s listing down six common causes for Anorexia in Pets:

1. Infections:

Infections such as Liver infection, urinary tract infection, pancreatic infection or other common infections like gastrointestinal infections and periodontal/ dental infections can cause loss of appetite.


2. Medicinal Side Effects:

Pets tend to lose appetite when introduced to new medications. It also reduces their medicinal threshold in the course.

3. Infestation Of Ticks And Skin Disorders:

Presence of ticks and mites in the fur coats of pets cause excessive itching and other skin problems. This may also lead to loss of appetite.

Infestation Of Ticks And Skin Disorders

4. Cancer:

Loss of appetite in pets could also be an early sign of a cancer developing in their system. In case of long term anorexia, it is advisable to run all the necessary tests through your veterinarian to eliminate the possibility of Cancer.

5. Psychological Factors:

Your pets are extremely sensitive to situations and emotions. Any adverse impact on them such as negativity in the house, separation from owner or death of a family member can also lead to anorexia in pets. Pets, especially dogs are prone to stress, depression and anxiety which can also trigger anorexia.

Psychological Factors

6. Environmental Factors:

Changes in the immediate environment of pets such as moving to a new place, switching their regular diets/ changing their feed, loud noises or firecrackers can also cause anorexia. Territorial animals can also lose their appetite when intimidated by another pet.

It becomes a matter of grave concern if your pet decides to go on a hunger strike out of the blue. Hence, here’s a quick solution for you to overcome their sudden loss of appetite.

An Effective Natural Solution To Anorexia:

PENTAVET, a homeopathy medicine which is 100% safe with zero side effects, serves as the perfect remedy for anorexia in pets. The Pentavet formulation consists of 5 phosphates of homeopathy with special properties that are effective in treating the main underlying cause of anorexia. These phosphates increase the metabolic activities in pets and are also effective in reducing deficiencies of micro nutrients.

Pentavet stimulates the liver function and increases the hunger of the pet from within, naturally.


Homeopathic Solution: Pentavet

Dosage: 20 drops, thrice a day

Price: Rs. 280 only


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