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Six Tips for Pet Care during Monsoon

Rainy season can be tough on our pets more than we know. Here’s how we can take care of them:

1. Avoiding Infections:

Pets are the most susceptible to infections during monsoons. Cold, cough and pneumonia are the usual culprits. Dogs usually suffer from malassezia which causes itchy skin rashes and burns, whereas cats are prone to respiratory infections. Avoid getting your pets wet in the rain and keep them as dry as possible.

2. Combating Digestive Problems:

Unclean environments, moisture in the weather and lack of activity can cause serious digestive problems. Taking extra care of pet’s diets is an important step.  Feed clean, boiled water. Consuming dirty water will lead to water borne diseases such as jaundice. Excess of meat, chicken and oily food should be avoided as it can upset the pet's stomach.

3. Ensure Warmth & Dryness:

Temperature falls quickly after summers, especially during monsoons hence it is of utmost importance to ensure that your pet has quick access to warm & dry places in your house. In case, they have been exposed to rain especially during their walk time, make sure that you keep clean and dry towels handy at home. To avoid damp coats and the accompanying odour, you will need to wipe them dry every time they get wet.

4. Save them from Ticks & Fleas:

Monsoon is the breeding season for ticks. As a result, the chances of your pet becoming infested with ticks or fleas are high. Make sure you’re cleaning their ticks & fleas every day, brushing them once in two days, using an anti-tick and anti-flea shampoo on them. More importantly, it’s of utmost importance to keep the home environment clean as well since the ticks can live up to many days inside the house.

5. Clean their ears daily & keep a regular grooming routine:

Wet weather makes them prone to more ear infections so cleaning their ears once a day with a normal cotton swab is necessary. One should also ensure regular nail clipping, paw cleaning and even regular dental check-ups during this season.

6. Calming their anxieties:

Some pets suffer from storm anxiety. During a thunderstorm, pets can start to shake, bite or indulge in excessive chewing. Make sure to hug, cuddle & reassure them that they can run under your bed at any time they feel scared. The vet can also give anti-anxiety drugs to calm them down. Cats also often show signs of detachment during this season, it is imperative to spend more time with them.

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