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Socializing Your Pet - Not the Nightmare You Think It Is!

Bringing a pet home is a life-changing experience for most families. The infinite, unconditional love and joy they bring into our lives is incomparable. And so, we should ensure that they have everything they need to feel at home - from stocking up on all kinds of toys and treats, to finding the best vets in the area. One of the most important parts of welcoming a pet into our lives is to help them socialize.

Socializing a pet refers to the process of exposing pets to our human world and helping them be comfortable as a pet within our society, one that includes many different types of people, environments, buildings, sights, noises, smells, etc. - all of it being a lot different from their world. Play dates, walk partners and pet parties are great ways to let your pets socialize as it helps them to interact with other animals as well as their parents! 

When to socialize your pet?

The sooner the better. Dogs are said to be at their most sensitive and receptive - between three and twelve weeks of age. Kittens are most receptive to new experiences when they are 2 to 7 weeks old, making this the ideal window for socialization. Please bear in mind, this is not to say that older pets cannot be socialized - it is just slightly easier when they’re younger.

Things to keep in mind before you start the socializing process

Your pet's need and comfort depends a lot on how your house environment is. It’s a good idea to make a list of experiences that would be a part of their everyday life. For e.g. Do you work long hours? Your pet would need to be okay with being left alone. Do you play a lot of music? Your pet would need to be sensitized to different sounds. Do you have a lot of people over usually? Your pet would need to feel comfortable with other humans and being held, having pictures taken, etc. If through this process you learn that your dog is extremely uncomfortable with any particular part of your lifestyle, you can take appropriate action to work around that as well!

On the Petmate app, you can find and chat with pet parents in your area! All you need to do is create a profile of your pet by simply following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Upload their cutest photos
  2. Mention their age, describe their personality and provide health details if you prefer
  3. Specify what you’re looking for - a playdate/socializing attempt as well as the gender and age of the pets you would like to meet

You can then chat with the profiles that seem interesting to you, set up a meeting and take it from there. Socializing is a lot easier when you know that all parties involved prioritize the welfare of the pets involved! For the rest, there's Petmate to help you out! Meet them at PET FED Delhi 2019 on 28th & 29th December at NSIC Grounds, Okhla! Get your tickets here!

You can also download the Petmate app here:

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