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Stray Dog Interrupts Play to Comfort Actor Pretending to Be Injured

It is often talked about that a dog’s heart & soul is so pure that us humans don’t deserve them. Here’s what recently happened in Turkey that totally proves this. 


During a recent theatrical performance, the script called for the actor's character to get hurt, but it was all part of the play. While everyone was too engrossed in the play, there was one furry member who showed genuine concern for what happened next. The actor had to depict falling off the horse & start to breathe hard as a consequence. As the actor pretended to be in great pain, a concerned stray dog interrupted the play to offer the "injured" stranger comfort. 


At first the actor couldn’t figure out what happened, but after realizing the truth he broke his character as he couldn’t help but smile after being thoroughly touched by the moment. 


Here’s the moment caught on the video:



Numan said, "the dog was like an angel who wanted to help me". 


No one in the audience seemed to mind the interruption in the play. In fact, the audience cheered on the pup’s reaction. The next day, Numan went to search for the dog to help find a home for him, but the dog was not there. He says that his search will not be over till he finds the dog & get him adopted just to return the favour of his kindness.


Source: The Dodo

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