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Taking Care of Your Pets This Holi!

It is not uncommon that our pets and strays are knowingly or unknowingly included in the Holi festivities which can bring trauma, hurt, and discomfort to them.  With the festival approaching, we have jotted down some tips to keep the animals around you comfortable this Holi.

1) Strictly No Colours!

The colour is made with synthetic compounds and even the herbal ones tend to contain toxic metals and dyes that can cause skin allergies, rashes, or even blindness in animals. Shedding, patches, rashes, flaking cuts, and abrasions are some of the skin conditions that may occur in pets if exposed to colours.

They might inhale the powder, causing respiratory tract irritation, or ingest colours while grooming themselves which can further cause upset stomachs and even poisoning if ignored. 

No colours

2) Keep Them Indoors!

Holi celebrations are not as much fun for animals as they are for us. We must ensure that pets and other animals are kept away from these celebrations so as to not cause anxiety or stress to them.

Keep Indoors

3) Watch the Kids

Kids may not realise that their actions can frighten and hurt animals around them. It is best to teach them in advance about the consequences of involving pets and strays in their Holi.

4) Basic First Aid

If an animal gets colour in its eyes, quickly wash them with clean water. If irritation persists, seek the help of a vet for medical care. In case of any rashes on the skin, gently wash that area off with clean water and apply any soothing ointment or gel for immediate relief. Aloe-based products are highly useful in such cases.

First Aid

5) Only Use Pet Shampoo to Remove Colour Stains 

Never use kerosene, alcohol, hair oil, or any other home remedy without proper guidance as it may be very toxic for your pet.

6) No Sweets!

Give dogs only canine-friendly treats this Holi. Ingredients like cream, nuts, chocolate, and raisins can make them sick or may even be fatal for them. Also, avoid sugar-based treats.

7) Small and Older Dogs are at Higher Risk

They need special care as their immune system and the tendency to fight the consequences are lower. Breeds with shorter noses are also at a higher risk of developing respiratory issues like nasal irritation and difficulty in breathing. 

8) Signs to Lookout If Your Pet Needs Medical Attention

Certain symptoms like loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, sneezing, coughing, discharge from nostrils, and excessive thirst indicate poisoning. 

In addition to these, pets may have restlessness, eye reddening, etc. if the colour gets in their eyes. Getting them to a vet immediately is required to avoid any damage to their sight.

Medical Attention

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