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The Untold Wiggles Story, founded by a team of pet lovers with the goal to spike up the number of healthy pets on the charts, is thrilled to introduce you to their official mascots ‘Wiggles’ the Lhasa Apso who thinks of himself as the new age lion king and ‘Buddy’ the friendliest Labrador ever, big brother to Wiggles and your 2 am confidante.


The heart-wrenching story of Wiggles can bring tears to your eyes. This little champ’s mom gave birth to 8 cute puppies, 7, unfortunately, passed away before they got to know about them. His mother too died later. However, ‘Wiggles’ with a strong soul survived! They adopted him soon thereafter. With the love and care given by their in-house vets, Wiggles is a spectacularly healthy furball. With his friendly, happy-go-lucky personality, he wins everyone’s heart!


The story of this puppy is heart touching! Buddy’s mommy passed away immediately after his birth. As a result, he lacked all nutrition requirements from an early age, making him weaker day by day. One of their in-house vets took care of him lovingly. To make Buddy healthier, they decided to adopt and nourish him. Overcoming all odds and difficulties, our Buddy is now stronger and healthier than ever before. He loves to spend time with their little mascot “Wiggles”. Buddy is one of the friendliest, loving puppies you’d meet out there and loves hanging out with the team!

When Wiggles and Buddy came into their lives, they realised the need to increase awareness of quality healthcare for pets. They initially increased awareness through Vaccination Drives & Health Check Up Camps. This led them to begin their journey towards preventive pet healthcare. Today, they have a wide range of innovative products right from organic & defenders to herbal & supplements, all of which were created keeping in mind a first-time pet parents’ journey in pethood!

Their flagship product is the Wiggles Box, a monthly box curated by vets for your pets backed by personalised dosage alerts to ensure your pet never misses a dose! They also offer Vet on Call & Grooming Services across Mumbai and Pune.

Catch Team Wiggles along with Wiggles & Buddy at PET FED Bengaluru 2019! Buy your tickets here!

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