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This Cat Comforting a Doggo at the Vet Will Give You All the Warm Fuzzy Feelings

No matter how old we get, none of us like to go to the doctor’s clinic now, do we? Same is the case with our beloved furballs. 


More often than not, our pets get a sense when we are taking them to the vet and then start the entire hullabaloo of them resisting to even step out of the house. 


This short video here which is just over 10 seconds, shows an anxious doggo being comforted and massaged by a kitty patient inside a pen. The video may be short, but is full of emotions that will give you all the warm fuzzy feels at the pit of your stomach. 


The video first resurfaced on Reddit where it was captioned, “Kitty comforting a nervous pupper at the vet”, the recording shows a feline inside a pen, probably waiting for its turn to go see the doctor. A doggo is seen lying right in front of the kitty’s cage. The fear of being at the clinic is visible in the pooch’s eyes.


The cat, probably sensing the dog’s anxiety, slowly starts tapping and caressing the doggo’s head, almost as if saying, “There there”.


Watch it here: 



We’re not crying, you are!

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